A Weekend in the National Capital plus Talbingo

To begin it is wet and cool. We have departed on Friday and headed towards Talbingo for the night and then to Canberra for Saturday and Sunday. Our first stop is Cooma Cottage, Yass, an historic House we have passed by many times and wanted to look into. Being open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday means that today we can check out this farm house previously owned by Hamilton Hume and his wife. As it was deemed time for a 'cuppa' we proceeded to make the tea and enjoy a moment on the verandah before entering the house - yes that is Ian and Sandra to the left on the verandah.

The farm is on a bend in the Yass River and the first thing we spotted were some happy, tiny yellow birds enjoying the rain, most delightful. The farmhouse and the 100 acres surrounding it was bought by Hume after he came across it when on one of his journeys and he lived there, managed this and other properties he owned from around 1824. He certainly added many an extension to the original farmhouse. It reminded me of the way farmhouses have been 'added to' in Burren. 

Ian is standing under a heritage listed Laurel tree looking glorious, both he and the tree - check the National Register of Big Trees. Given that Hamilton Hume was himself an explorer it seems he had many friends who visited and maybe this little treasure, it was little when it was planted, which belongs to the Canary Islands, was possibly a gift.

The day may have started wet and cool but by the time we arrived in the magical town of Talbingo the sun was beaming and the air was toasty. Talbingo is the home of Miles Franklin but these days its landscape has been altered by the Snowy Mountains Scheme. 
The changed water ways are still stunning, There are no other people about and although I had neglected to pack swimmers I was not missing the chance to go for a swim. Clad in shorts and t-shirt I carefully enter the water - the bottom is basically gravel left over from the construction. There is a pontoon in the picture and I head towards it. So cool, peaceful and stunning. It wasn't long before Ian and then Sandra took the plunge too - yippee.

Back on the verandah of Talbingo Country Club. Drinks in hand and sun setting we three are very content. 

Good morning beautiful Talbingo. The early morning birds provide a most glorious   awakening call. And finally Miles house has a new sign. 

I did say that we had a weekend in Canberra and mostly we did - we went out for dinner with Freda and Dale and feasted on scrumptious Italian food at Jamie's and wandered through a Tom Roberts exhibition. All of which was much enjoyed but most of all we spent a lot of time at Jerrabomberra Wetlands with so many ducks and other beauties. If you look very, very, closely at the in the last picture you might see a Spotless Crake - we sat very still for quite a while and were rewarded with two very private, quiet birds doing their gentle walk along the muddy edge of the water.