Farm to Table

Coolaman is a cool country town. It has much to offer including an excellent Cheese Cafe. It is in the heart of the Riverina where much of the food on our tables is grown. Above is just one indication of where the wheat goes. We three are headed for Coleambally to celebrate all things farming and the food that goes with it.

First we must check in and do a bird count. We are staying in Darlington Point directly opposite the Murrumbidgee River which is still bursting its banks. Not far away is Griffith which has the celebration of all things orange. I have arrived in my orange carriage.

To Coleambally we go to visit local farms. This piece of machinery was once used to dig the canals for the irrigation system. Organic, free range eggs are being created in an innovative way with these chook caravans, entirely the creation of the farmers and so very clever. Although today the chickens have escaped.  These two Maremmas are the best chicken guard dogs. Although it was a young pup in training who was so eager to guard the chooks that he put a hole in the netting.The trials of farm work!

Onto the next farm and here they are growing Barley that has been designed by the CSIRO. Called Barley Max 2 with 6 lines of seed heads on one stalk, usually there are only 2. Seriously enormous shearing sheds on Tubbo Station. These days 10 shearers would be the most working during shearing time but in time gone by there were hundreds of workers. This shed has the rich aroma of sheep and history. View from one 'window' of the shed. Sheep grazing, blue skies and lots of feed. An excellent outlook onto the land.

From the old farm machinery left under the tree... to the new Ethanol Plant being constructed on another property to value add to the farm income. Talk about long term planning and creativity, not yet in operation and three million dollars they are almost there. The wheat will become ethanol and the waste is excellent cattle feed. We ended our day feasting on food that had been sourced from a 50 mile radius. Delicious and interesting.