Bendigo and Back

Departure by 2.15pm as Sandra had escaped from work by 2pm and we ran the gauntlet to get on the road as quickly as possible.

A coffee stop in Yass and made it in the nick of time. 'Roses' was still open and we had cake and coffee and felt much better - all is off to a tops start - coffee and a Lyre Bird spotted on the Jamberoo road (Macquarie Pass closed).

Arrived in Gundagai with pink skies and the sun disappearing in the west.  

The morning was cool and crisp and although the skies were a little grey the birds were still singing. Time for a brief explore of the town. 

The introduction picture was taken from Mount Parnassus and from there we could see the town in its old and new location. The devastating flood of 1852 meant the town moved to higher ground away from the river's edge some time ago. The wonderful wooden bridge (maybe a viaduct) had been the main rail line until the early 1900s. It was here we walked in the morning mist and spotted many birds enjoying the soft rain. 

We also called by to say hello to the Dad, Dave, Mum and Mable looking rather grand in copper as a tribute to those stories penned by Steel Rudd in the later 1800s. 

And before we left the grand Gundagai it is only fair to note that I am a committed Furphy fan - water carts that is - and I would love to have one in our garden but if not at least I can enjoy the moments I come across one or part of one, as is the case in the picture here.

Bendigo was our destination and we arrived in the late afternoon. A beautiful and grand town which has retained its gold rush resplendence. So many excellent sandstone buildings and this school/church was just around the corner from our abode.

We dropped into the centre of town the next morning and had a few chuckles trying to find a coffee shop - three attempts to purchase coffee and success on the fourth! A fun and successful visit to the woollen mills - I came away with some goodies.

An afternoon walk around Crusoe Reservoir is much enjoyed and the hope of both hearing and sighting a Crested Bellbird is realised. 
Many kilometres covered and all three of us observed that the land is looking so green and verdant, the creeks and water ways all have water in them and many have very swollen banks - it should be quite a spring for the flora and fauna.