Across the Divide

It was a spontaneous decision to return to this little town which we had driven through before but had wanted to return to wander through and find out more about.

Crossing the Sandstone curtain is always a good idea and this was just the right time of year to enjoy the cold nights and warm days. Clear, crisp and very blue skies beckoned.

Having crossed the Great Dividing Range and through Goulburn - oops I was snoozing but we will return tomorrow - we soon came to the wind farm outside Crookwell. Pretty impressive really - eight wind turbines that kick in when there is a 15 knot wind. 

Standing testament to the past next to the viewing platform are the remnants of a stock yard of some sort.

So we entered town and visited the information centre - full of socks - there is a local sock factory - potato recipes, the area is well known for its seed potatoes, and a very happy and helpful local on duty for the afternoon. We established that we should find a place to put our heads for the night - it was going to be cold so we booked in to one of the motels - pretty comfy and affordable.

Love the art-deco tiles!!!!

This little beauty is up for sale - business opportunity -so the sign says. It has been a mill but love that stone work.
So we had decided to have dinner at a local cafe that had been recommended by the friendly information volunteer - would you believe that it was full! So we found the local Chinese restaurant - so very much like one I remembered from my childhood - good food too!! The morning brought ice on the windscreen and another clear and beautiful Autumn day. 

Driving around the town and exploring the smaller town of Laggan - only a half a click up the road - inspired me to take lots of pictures of the houses and one church that took my fancy.

Not sure which one is my favourite - all of them really but I do like the one that has a hint of mystery behind the trees. 

All aboard was last called around 1985. Turning the station into a local museum - great idea!!

Although I was more focused on the buildings I need to include these garden features - it's a twist on the rusty vehicles usually found on farms.

As we drove away from Crookwell this place brought to mind some of those inspired people who see a shell and create something new and spectacular - one of those Grand Designs type things - me, I rather like what it has become - Kookaburra on the line as well!!! Can you spot it?

Had to include this one - Ian snapped it as we were moving at 100 km/h - Pejar Dam - looking fairly low really. By the way - Pejar is the name of the local Aboriginal Land Council - and it was very evident that there was no information about any story prior to white settlement - the silence was resounding - even in Goulburn!!!
Well I did say we would return to Goulburn - and yes I was awake this time.
 The Paragon called - fond memories of stopping here when we headed towards the snow on those bus trips Glen Maytum organised - and I wasn't disappointed.